Taco Bell Serves up Lulz on 420

^This is a win not only because its ambiguous enough to be played off as not being a pot reference (brilliant), since after all, Taco Bell is a billion dollar corporate franchise – but also for the hashtag “Ballin” being used by an official mouthpiece of said billion dollar corporate franchise. Love it!

April 20th is also, of course, the Fuhrers day of birth and this great addition was messaged to me:

“I don’t get it. What does Taco Bell have to do with Hitler’s birthday?”
“Both are responsible for gassing lots of people.”

Then over on Facebook they posted THIS…dude….

Update: since the site is in this drawn out server/format change limbo that makes me not approve comments for the time being (cuz they wont transfer over when the change happens anyway) – here is one from Facebook –

this probably has no relevance but last night this girl was selling pancakes and bacon to the drunk people for 5 bucks and i ate the single strip of bacon and then discus threw the pancake cuz they suck. So i payed 5 dollars for a glorious strip of bacon.