Smokin Hott Blondes do not end well

Postulation: Sexy blonde women get gross looking.
What blonde with a rockin body and pretty face from 10 or more years ago can you think of that is still rockin it today? I can think of several brunettes that are 40 and above and still gotz that glamour-shine – but who among the fair haired has faired well?…

Britney Spears? Fat.
Christina Aguilera? Fat.
Jessica Simpson? Fat.
Marolyn Monroe? Dead.

Lindsay Lohan survived years as a redhead – dyed her hair blonde – and BAM – trainwreck…

And now, the hot sister/daughter from that 70’s show, Lisa Robin Kelly … She was recently arrested. and this is what she looked like:

Here’s a video of her where she acts like she’s on drugs while she says she was not on drugs at the time of the horrorshow mugshot: