Same Sex Marriage Activists are hurting their cause

North Carolina passed an amendment to its constitution to retain the historical foundation of marriage via gender relationship (that’s a fancy way of saying that it won’t allow same sex marriage). The internetz are of course reacting emotionally and with waterfalls of hatred. Not towards gays, but toward the voters of North Carolina, whom of course are evil wicked intolerant anti-gay inhuman demons, so much so that the irony of this sentence is completely lost on many.

Twitter is ablaze with “fuck you”s and…more “fuck you”s. Classy. Here’s an example of the reaction:

See what you’re doing, people?? Your endorsement of keeping the definition of a word is making people kill themselves and so fuck you.

Actually, fuck the emotional morons who are burning the legitimacy of the pro-tolerance agenda to the ground. Your intentions may be genuine but you are NOT helping.


Whats your position on Same Sex Marriage? Here are the 6 options:

  1. Passionately for it and is a decisive factor in my vote
  2. For it but not a decisive factor (many other issues are much more important)
  3. Against the redefinition of marriage but for Civil Unions & legal privileges
  4. Pro legal privileges but good people can differ on the redefining marriage part
  5. Against redefining marriage AND against Civil Unions. current system is fine

  6. Was pro legal privileges & indifferent as to whether or not to hijack the word “marriage” until the horrifically poor and narcissistic gay activist PR came out as rank bullies who decreed that everyone who disagrees with them is worse than Hitler. Changing the hearts and minds of both genuinely misguided people and bigots and jerks alike is a cause i am shoulder-to-shoulder in arms with the Gay Community on, but hating, bullying and viciously attacking even good people with nothing but love and compassion for gays but still want to retain the definition of marriage like they are KKK membersis idiotic nonsense I want no part of. Using narrow minded hate to combat what you think is narrow minded hate is not a winning strategy & I resent it precisely because it DOES. NOT. WORK. (gay friendly states of FL, CA, OR, HI & more voted nay).The arguments for labeling every single person who believes that changing the definition of marriage from being male/female for the first time in the history of human civilization, an evil bigot are worse than the “God Hates Fags” cult leaders.I was with the movement when I thought we were fighting against hatred and intimidation but it lost me when it collectively decided to use exactly those things as a sword in the battle to convince everyone that the most affluent minority in the country is actually a governmentally oppressed lower-class because their government doesn’t have a coupon deal for their preferred sexual union. (especially when the truth about the issue is still legitimate despite being less dramatic)It’s not cool to be a dick to everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion that you are SO much smarter than every moral, philosophical, religious, secular and organized governmental organization* that ever existed in history in your decision that all of a sudden, NOW, legal recognition of same sex couples is a dire necessary basic human right and every day that it isnt granted is some epic injustice on par with slavery. *(including ones that openly embraced homosexuality in their culture, like Rome).

    I still favor the expansion of privileges to same sex couples but i dont tolerate the activist bullies and I hope they fail. Instead, I hope clearer heads in the popular culture prevail so we can get back on the road of actual tolerance, acceptance and seamless integration to make this world a better place for everyone, regardless over which gender makes you moist or gives you a boner, like that shit matters.——–

    :  The part of me that cared was in favor of it, but the Failtacular advocacy for the issue has made me cancel the autopay system on the Fucks I used to give.