“Real Men Get Raped” campaign hits London tubes hard and without asking

The UK is starting to spread awareness about the reported epidemic of 8,500 sexual crimes against men that may have taken place in London alone last year. The British government estimates that only 11 percent of men who were attacked reported the crime due to embarrassment and shame so they’re putting these ads in London subways (they call them “tubes” over there):

I’m not sure if there’s a language difference but here in the states, the phrase “Real Men [Action]” is a challenge to manhood and lack thereof. Grammatically it just states a fact: that this action happens. but colloquially, it sounds like “you’re not a real man unless you get fkkn RAPED. pussy.”

I love the symbolism, too. A ground shot of an ominous stormy sky with a rugby ball – the symbol of British manliness – being punctured by a nail. Real men get raped just like this rugby ball, gentleman. “and talking about it takes real strength”.

It’s being posted on 140 escalator panels in central London Tube stations (again: subways) by a group called Survivors UK, cuz the world decided that “rape victim” is no longer an okay phrase. Victims of rape are “survivors” now.

As for the stats in America: The National Center For Victims Of Crime claims that about three percent of men in the U.S. (that’s about three million dudes) have been raped at some point in their lives.

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