Palin Does Today

Sarah Palin to host the TODAY Show on the same day former Today co-host, Katie Couric begins a week of fill-in co-hosting on cross-town and cross-country rival “Good Morning America.

Sarah Palin is under contract with Newscorp as a Fox News Channel contributor, but she won’t be the first to be allowed to stray from the contractual exclusivity. Newt Gingrich (former Fox News contributor) and Karl Rove (current contributor) have both done the Today Show to promote books.

Contributors under contract can ask for permission to do interviews and special events from other networks. so either she persuaded Fox with a plausible reason this would benefit Newscorp, or she just asked politely while doing a Sharon-Stone-in-Basic-Instinct style leg cross. The audience of the Today Show hearing that Palin is a Fox News contributor is advertising-reason enough to let her do it, but thats not gonna stop me from still assuming the leg cross thing happened instead.

UPDATES: Videos are in:

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First one is an interview with Lauer. an excellent way to bring in the Palin viewers while pushing her actual co-hosting to a later hour. Palin is asked about the GOP primary and Lauer tries to get her to dump on Romney but she refuses. The disappointment in his inevitability as the nominee (Palin is still a Newt Gingrich supporter) is apparent but aside from the silly “anything could still happen” hopefullness, she handles the questions pretty well.

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