Peculiar Pot Smoking Punk ass Protestors Pepper Sprayed Prudently

This Occupy protesting nonsense is dragging on and accomplishing nothing positive. Shocking… The wests Tahrir moment, it aint. Some are under the false impression that rich people are somehow getting richer in this bad economy despite the number of taxpayers with more than $1 million of income declining from from 400,000 back in 2007 to just 235,000 in 2009. Others are just annoyed that the world isn’t perfect in their estimation so they’re out bitching about anything and everything and feeling super noble about it. Sometimes though, the whole “breaking the law and being a dick about your protests over nothing” thing has consequences and that only makes irresponsible people more outraged that they’re not getting what they want. Tragic.

The only positive thing that’s come out of the Occupy protests has been the silly Amazon product reviews of the pepper spray used in the Davis-spraying. Aside from that it’s just more cause for whining and outrage. Did you know that forcing people to move who refuse to move from property they don’t own is a “military threat”? Oh ya dude. Totally:

“How Could This Happen in America?” Why Police Are Treating Americans Like Military Threats
Why is the armed might of the state, (necessary in waging war against foreign enemies) being applied to domestic policing of local communities and peaceful protests?

Who is gullible enough to fall for this victim-porn propaganda? These protests are often not peaceful – what with the attacking the police, vandalism, vandalism with feces, vandalism with 200 pounds of feces, other mass filth, corpse-filth, diseaseopen drug useoverdoses, rapes and death and all – but even during the peaceful ones, it’s painfully obvious that the whining reaction to them are just whining. Oh no.. you broke laws and got arrested or forcibly moved from a place you weren’t allowed to be. and I’m supposed to feel sympathy for that just because you wanted to be there? This is stupid. That article ends with this paragraph:

“Is this still my country?” That’s been a question from day one, asked by Americans of widely diverging views in response to government crackdowns on protest. Objecting to military violence against protesting citizens may be inherently American. The urge to crack down can look inherently American too.

Don’t people usually die in “military violence”? And yet no one has died in the law enforcement tactics used against these fleabaggers while 7 have died within the Occupy dumps. Lets see.. which is worse? Getting sprayed with something that hurts your eyes in response to your refusal to leave a blockade that has no purpose or meaning? Or dying for participating in a protest that has no purpose or meaning?

Updatewoman pepper sprays black friday shoppers so she can get her Tickle-me Elmo or whatever.

I double-dog Dare you to think of something more stupid than this caption^

Police haven’t been shitting on any of the protestors. But the protestors have been shitting on the police.
Police haven’t killed any of the protestors. But the protestors have been killing themselves.
Police haven’t been breaking any of the protestors things to express their political opinions. But the protestors have been costing thousands of dollars in damage to public and private property.
Police haven’t stabbed any of the protestors. But the protestors have been knife attacking themselves.
Police haven’t jerked off in front of any 16 year old girls in the protests but… okay – i’ll give them a pass on this one.

UPDATE: Occupy sympathizer threatens to murder South Carolinas Governor. To date, police have not made any such murder threats in their “military action”.

I don’t understand what the argument against it is. When you tell someone to move and you have the legal authority to do so, wtf are you supposed to do? “Hey, those people are not legally allowed to be occupying that space. it’s not theres, we don’t want them there and they need to leave” – “but… they said no” – “Oh, okay. end of story then. I guess we tried!”. wtf? I don’t think so. They’re lucky all they got was a shot of pepper. Morons.

Although, I’ve also never made a secret of the fact that I don’t understand the Occupy protest as a movement either, and it’s not for lack of investigation. It’s an unorganized collection of whining about nothing specific and has no plan of action other than being annoying as a way to get what they want.

When it first started the most common line I saw was that it was against “Corporate Greed” but no specifics were given on what anyone wanted to do about it. Who exactly is breaking the law or doing something immoral? If the former – why are you not revealing their name to any of the thousands of trial attorneys whose mouths are watering this very second at the thought of taking a Wall Street corrupto-crat down and if it’s the latter then why are you not revealing their names either so people know what it is you’re protesting against and can maybe have some sympathy for your smelly disease riddled public park destroying illegal bongo sessions.

Following a pledge to “stick it to taxpayers“, the cost of this feel-good/accomplish-nothing masturbatory movement to the taxpayers is $10,000 a day or $13 million so far.

Thanks a lot, assholes.

UPDATE: this was posted before the following video surfaced that – SURPRISE – tells you more of what you should have already realized if you weren’t a hippie anti-authority romanticizing fruitcake: