Obama Twitter Account Follows Celebrity Sideboob

President Barack Obama’s official Twitter run by both his 2012 campaign and the President himself, follows the @sidebooborg, which is the Twitter for a blog that collects pictures of breast profiles belonging to famous people…

This is amusing, but no one actually thinks that Obama is checking his iPhone on Air Force One to see the latest sideboob who knows anything about celebrity Twitter handlers except for Buzzfeed.com who says “So there you have it: our President (or, perhaps, a young person on his staff) enjoys a little bit of side boob action. And at the end of the day, I ask: don’t we all?”.

That’s cute and all, but it’s not likely the answer for this. It’s highly doubtful that anyone on the Presidents staff actually logged into the account, searched for boobs on Twitter and followed this profile. It’s just a sloppy “random follow” spam technique that the account managers of famous or wannabe famous people use to be a bigger power-player in the Twitterverse algorithms and get more followers. Tom Cruise “follows” me on Twitter (@AwesomestGuyEVR, btw) and we haven’t hung out in years, so I know he’s not actually reading anything I Tweet (but I stay away from anything Scientology related, just in case).