Obama: ‘I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth’

Dear Mr President and everyone who still uses the phrase “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”: it’s not 1865 anymore. Everyone in Western Civilization is born with silver spoons in their mouths. We only use wooden spoons to stir spaghetti noodles while they’re cooking and we only eat with our hands when we get fried chicken or go out to Medieval Times for “some fun for the whole family”. Find a new euphemism to describe inherited affluence please. Speaking of inheritances, though: Mitt Romney donated the inheritance from his dad to BYU’s Institute of Public Management, which carries his fathers name.

The President didn’t mention Romney by name and I’m not psychic so i’m not even implying that this specific line was necessarily a direct reference to his GOP opponent, but this isnt the 3rd or 5th or 17th time that this President or his surrogates has attacked basic capitalistic principals and Mitt Romneys wealth, specifically.

A Protip way to battle the criticism that you’re a Socialist, would be to not attack the very act of wealth accumulation through American Capitalism. Just tryin ta help, bro.

Is this campaign really going to be about trying to convince people to be more concerned about how Mitt Romney spends his money than how Obama spends ours? geez. This body of criticism by a millionaire named Obama in the direction toward Mitt Romney for being a bigger Millionaire is going to get real old, real fast:

To underscore that argument, Obama took a not-too-subtle swipe at his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, declaring: “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.” There remains a role for government to give everybody a “fair shot,” Obama said — not just the wealthy.

“Investing in a community college is just like investing in a new road or new highway or broadband Internet,” Obama told a crowd of a few hundred at Lorain County Community College west of Cleveland. “These are not grand schemes to redistribute wealth. They’ve been made by Democrats and Republicans for generations because they benefit all of us. That’s what leads to strong, durable economic growth.”

Making matters worse is the fact that Obama’s lame cliche of a statement was not even being used for good purposes: He wasn’t saying “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, so I had to make it on my own and work hard to get where I am”. lol. Not quite. He made the statement only to point out that he got other peoples spoons. He wasn’t born with one so he was given someone elses. Oh…um… huge difference there.

“Really, this ‘silver spoon’ business?” Coulter said. “Are they going to do that about every Republican while simultaneously revering FDR and JFK? They really were pure silver spoon aristocrats inheriting all their money. Mitt Romney gave away all the money he inherited. He made it on his own.”

“And the silver spoon Obama got — I mean that generation, it can’t be denied, you can’t support affirmative action and then pretend it doesn’t exist. You don’t transfer from Occidental, which by his own accounts in his autobiography he mostly spent smoking pot, to a fine Ivy League university like Columbia if you’re not checking off ‘black’ on your application. So you know, the silver spoon since I’ve been alive has been an affirmative action silver spoon.”

And while she dismissed the rich-versus-poor meme some Democrats have been promoting, she did say there was another sort of class warfare occurring between those earning money from the government and those whose tax dollars are paying for it.

“I just don’t think Americans are angry at people who go out, work hard and show talent and make the world a better place,” she said. “Do we hate Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?…I think the real class warfare that Americans are hopping mad about is the class warfare between those of us who pay taxes and the people’s whose salary they pay — for their fabulous pensions and they’re partying trips to Las Vegas. And visiting whores in Colombia, and the highest-income counties in the nation not being Beverly Hills or Grosse Point or Greenwich, Conn., but counties all around the seat of government in Washington, D.C.”

“That kind of class warfare I think really strikes a chord right now. Not somebody who has worked hard and done well for himself.”

Lest I remind you of the Presidents spending habits…