Newt Gingrich brings down the Elephant-hizouse on Welfare remarks

“Only the elites despise earning money.”

I almost scurried away by just linking to this video in other places but that wouldn’t be fair. Since I’ve given Newt a lot of grief on this site, I should spotlight when he hits one out of the park. Here is former Speaker Gingrich’s response to Fox News analyst Juan Williams (the first time any of these debates has let a Democrat question the Republicans in a debate) on Obama as the “food-stamp president”:

This is a good exchange and illustrates what I’ve always said about Gingrich: he’s very smart, very sharp, has interesting ideas and can articulate them pretty well…and must never be a nominee for president. Well, shouldn’t this time, anyway. Not when there are better alternatives to deliver the same message. And not because he’s not those things I just mentioned, but because he needs to be in a position where he can be marketing and proclaiming ideas like this – not managing the country. The dude just doesnt have the diplomacy for the job that is required.