Why Memorial Day is Legit

Back to jokes soon enough – and quickly, too, as humor is our only weapon to diffuse and repel the otherwise relentlessly tragic struggle that is Life — but first, I urge you to join me in a moment of reflection on why we have the day off.

Remember that Memorial Day is not Veterans Day. We already have that, and indeed everyone who chooses to serve their country in the Armed Forces is entitled to the respect of all it’s citizens and receives it from everyone who is not an asshole. But Memorial Day is specific in remembrance to those who died in service to us.

Kindov a big deal.

I’m not superstitious so I don’t think there is any karmatic retribution to being ungracious to people who have literally died for you. I urge you to observe the reason for Memorial Day to give you perspective as a human being.

I don’t revere tradition for traditions sake and see no benefit in bumming yourself out over anything life doesn’t already chemically force you to be bummed out over, but its entirely logical, decent and necessary to remember that people died to either make your life better or make the life you have with the choices available to you possible at all.

Like I said: Kindov a big deal.