Memorial Day Cutting

If you searched for “Memorial Day” in Tumblr on Memorial Day 2012, this little emo attention whore’s post came up in the results. Classy.

Looks like someone wiped the jelly spreader on their forearm to me. Maybe she was just at a Memorial Day barbecue and they were just ran out of napkins? Oh, it’s tagged with “cuts”, “depression”, “self harm” and the shorthand for “f#ck my life”. Got it.

In that case, I imagine the full length monologue that went through her head that she wasn’t bright enough to articulate was something along the lines of: “Remembering dead soldiers? ummm. how bout remember what a betch my mom is?? or how my step-dad is an asshole. or how I was molested by my gym teacher. omg. so depressed. maybe if I make my arms bleed and show everyone on the internet, things will get better. can’t hurt to try, right? -OUCH- turns out it DID hurt to try. oh well. at least I can feel something this way. I’m so numb. besides the depression. I feel only sadness and skin pain. and other things. Happy Memorial Day… FML.”

UPDATE: an anonymous coward left a comment saying “your an asshole”. Glad I caught it before purging (putting fake info in the comment lines sends the comment to the spam que) so I could mention it here, as I’m pretty sure attention whores trying to hijack a holiday remembering people with ACTUAL problems (ones that ended their lives in service to the rest of us) to make it about their  own life problems are the assholes in this situation. but thank you for playing, anyway.

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