Kardashians Divorce and the Gays

I dont think either cheapens marriage but idk anyone whose against same sex marriage that also thinks divorce is awesome and there should be more of it. do you? the “people get divorced after not being married long, so people of the same sex should marry” argument doesnt make sense to me and i think its a losing line for the cause.

I get bein annoyed with someone whose a famous millionaire cuz she made a porn but im just sayin that the “divorce is a reason same sex couples should marry” isnt a good argument only cuz it doesnt change minds. i mean, if thats the argument then no same sex couples can get divorced. Rosie Odonnel and her lady were together for a decade before they got married and then they divorced within a year. if someone told me that is a mockery of marriage i would say theyre being silly but the same applies to heteros who find their love isnt sustainable after a short time as well.

Would you find the same valid point (whether you agree with it or not) in a picture showing Rosie Odonnel making the reverse point? That’s how you know this is a non-argument.

Meanwhile, on twitter:

All in all idk why people care about this.