Huckabee, Ramsey and Jewish Reporters

Blogger Debbie Schlussel blasts Mike Huckabee to pieces in this post about Huckabee’s new radio show and his recent interview with John Ramsey whom I was reminded in watching it, was cleared by DNA evidence of killing his daughter JonBenét Ramsey in 1996 (a shock to myself and Southpark). In Schlussels nuclear attack on Huckabee, she notes that Huckabee brought up a detail in Ramseys new book about how a “Jewish reporter” was accosting him. Oh my. Certainly sounds like some anti-Jewish bigotry…until you actually watch the clip and see that the context is in the fact that John Ramsey was in church at the time (note to Debbie: that makes the reporter not even sharing the religion of the house of worship he’s badgering his subject in pertinent to the story). Here’s the Huckabee interview:

Schlussel’s Huck-bashing is spawned from her protection of Rush Limbaugh, who lists her blog at the top of his websites “stack of stuff” for daily reading. Huckabee recently signed on to do a 3 hour radio show in Rush’s time slot. Debbie’s fiery analysis:

Here is my prediction on the ever-changing fraud, Hucksterbee: he will fail. He’ll probably get a few Cumulus stations to replace Rush with his Cumulus-syndicated show. But Rush will go on competing stations and kick the crap out of the Huckster in the ratings.

Huckster has no moral compass. He has no ideology. While, today, he is Israel’s best friend and right wing on the Middle East, not long before that he wrote an article in Foreign Policy magazine attacking U.S. policy in the Middle East and blaming it for our troubles and why terrorists hate us. Yup, typical left-wing, blame-America-and-Israel BS. And he wrote that before he was gunning to get his FOX News show and high-paid contributor gig. He did a 180 when he began running for President. But we saw his true colors when he attacked the ethnicity and religion of a liberal reporter he didn’t like. Aren’t there liberal Christian and Muslim reporters? Of course there are, but Huck wants you to know about the JOOOOS. Yes, Ramsey wrote about it in his book, but Hucksterbee chose to highlight it and point out the religion on FOX News to appeal to anti-Semites.

And don’t forget when Hucksterbee pardoned a hardened criminal and murderer for no legit reason. The guy went on to kill several cops. Yup, he’s not tough on crime or anything else. Not a conservative. Just one for when he needs a gazillion zeros in his paycheck.

And that’s why he’ll never beat Rush. Rush usually believes what he says (not always, and I’ve caught him in plenty of inconsistences, plus he’s admitted to me that he says some things to get under the left’s skin – his absurd support for the United Arab Emirates and Dubai running our ports is one example.) And audiences know that. Some audiences are stupid (Exhibit A: Sean Hannity radio show). But most aren’t–at least not all of the time. They can tell when someone is feeding them fertilizer. In most cases, they know Limbaugh means what he says and vice versa. With the Huckster, they’ll know he’s a fake.

Hucksterbee is selling his show as a “kinder, gentler” conservative talk. Ain’t no such thing. No one wants to hear boring NPR-style debates about how soup tastes great hot and ice cream is delish cold.

His show won’t last. Mark my word. It may take a few years. But he’ll dump his show like O’Reilly did or move to a different time slot. And I, for one, will never listen to this closeted Jew-hater, whose real views came out as he fawned over a murder suspect who might have done it.