Hero mom trains 16-year-old daughter to take off her clothes for money

I’ve seen the type a bunch of times in Los Angeles. This one comes from the UK but is just as awesome, disturbing and shameful, awesome. The mom says topless photography is a great thing as long as it’s done tastefully, like Playboy. At first that’s a hilarious statement, but when you think about it: How many parents let their 16 year old girls buy and wear Playboy clothes or items with the Playboy logo on them? How is that any different than just coming out and saying that you approve of the brand? Same message. This lady is just more honest in her endorsement than the mom that lets her teen daughter idolize Playboy bunny stuffs.

The 60-year-old mother of 10 and grandmother of nine, insists that being a glamour model is a brilliant career. And it is the path Paige has apparently wanted to follow since she was just 10 years old.

Paige posed for her first photos in skimpy dresses at 14. Now her mother helps her practice for topless shoots at home – and offers to pose alongside her in the hope of reviving her own career.

I see THIS a lot too: People pretending to be really interested in getting someone going into a career in entertainment just so they can piggyback on it and live the dream themselves.

Paige has earned £2,000 from her modelling, but her mother spends £400 a month on lingerie, fake tan, manicures, heels and lessons to help her daughter to learn how to pose provocatively.

They have also both agreed that the teenager should have a breast augmentation when she turns 18 if her 32C boobs have not grown.

32C? Idk dude… She IS wearing black but my expertise in teenage breast examination tells me this chick has not reached 32C. unless it’s some British boobs version of the metric system goin on or something.

Annette had £18,000 of surgery to help further her career – including a face lift, cheek and chin implants, Botox and a boob job to go from a 36D to 36DD.

Whatever it takes, baby….