Glenn Beck news site exposes George Soros in gym shorts!

If you know anything about Glenn Beck, you know his top target – beyond even President Obama – is leftist billionaire currency speculator, George Soros.

This is an actual headline on Glenn Becks news website, The Blaze…

…ya…Here’s more from the story:

“Mr. Soros, the billionaire investor and philanthropist, was never one to have time for — or interest in — gyms,” writes Janet Morrisey of The New York Times, “But he was so impressed with the results that his son Alex, 26, got from Mr. Sitaras that he joined two years ago and now works out regularly.”

“My son benefited greatly — he lost a lot of weight,” Mr. Soros says. And despite being 81-years old, Soros actually works out about twice a week.

Check Out the Swanky Gym Where Soros & Volker Work Out“It makes me feel better, more alert,” Soros says. In fact, he was so impressed with his experience that he referred friends Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman, and Sandra Navidi, founder and chief executive of the financial consulting firm BeyondGlobal.

Sitaras Fitness doesn’t charge an initiation fee, according to its website, but members must participate in at least two personal training sessions a week for $115 apiece and monthly fees run at $150 meaning total annual fees start at $13,760, according to Business Insider.

And of course: the gym shorts picture…