Gingrich tries to milk relevancy out of only 1 Super Tuesday win

Here is the map of states that have voted so far:

Romneys speech went on way too long. wasn’t good. Santorum’s too. Gingrich’s was long, rambly and bitter. Ron Pauls speech was okay I guess. He looks more and more dispirited as he keeps losing these things though. He’s losing his smile and pep. Paul is the only candidate to have not won a single state yet. Here’s Romneys speech:

Look at this picture on Gingrich’s website tonight…

As someone on facebook puts it: is this seriously the best photo of newt they could find? this looks less like momentum and more like “meh, the pudding wasn’t that great”

Semi-related: Newt resting his eyes a little before participating in an AIPAC interview via satellite:

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In other news tonight: Mega-hippie Congressmen Dennis Kuccinich lost his primary to another democrat in Ohio. MSNBC’s all-liberal panel of commentators mourned the loss of the seat for several minutes, but comforted themselves with the fact that a Republican congresswoman who made them mad 10 years ago also got primaried by a competitor.


Romney of course, won the most states. Here’s the tally:

Ohio was the big one. Here is how the Washington Post reported it on their website:

Here is CNN:

Here is the Associated Press’ Twitter:

and now, the punchline: Here is how the Drudge Report reported it: