Free Disney Tickets Scam on Facebook

A Facebook Event is reeling in hopeful (see: “gullible”) people who think that if they invite more people to the event, they will get free tickets to Disneyland. My favorite part is that the reason that Disney is giving away free tickets as a reward for you telling people that Disney is giving away free themepark tickets is – get this – they have too much money… The first line in the Facebook event says “Celebrating a whopping $2 Billion profit in 2011, Dinseyland has decided to giveaway free tickets to facebook users!”.

People… come on. No business does that. “Hey everyone! We’re making so many billions that we want you to know about it and give it away!”. The promise breakdown is:

To get yours, Follow the steps below :

Step 1 : Click on “Join” at the top of the page.

Step 2 : Click ” Invite Friends” at the top of the page and select your friends and click SUBMIT. Tickets you receive depends upon amount of friends you invite.

Invite 50 Friends = 1 Ticket
Invite 100 Friends = 2 Tickets
Invite 200 Friends = 3 Tickets
Invite 500 Friends = 4 Tickets

[NOTE : To select friends faster, press TAB and SPACE repeatedly.]

Step 3 :

Even if you didn’t catch on with the “we made so much fkkn money” intro, how could you possibly read Step 3 and think “seems legit”? – “Oh, a non-official website? no big deal. Oh…a Tumblr blog? er…maybe it’s Disneys official Tumblr as part of a partnership or something…and maybe they didnt name it “Disney” or claim any official sponsorship and instead named it “dgoffunasdlkjhasld;hkgwhatever” because reasons”.

People…come on… These clues should be enough to tip you off into not annoying your friends with something that is more than just a chain-mail spam – but an actual SCAM – however, if you still needed the confirmation, Snopes has a post up about it.