Fox News Mole starts of with disappointing Hannity bash-Fail

So some jerk working at Fox News for 7 years got a secret job with Gawker to reveal the networks secrets such as Bill O’Reilly having a picture of his youth with friends on a boat that included a topless girl. Um…yawn.. But I perked up when I saw this post about Sean Hannity, whose very existence doesnt make sense to me. Unfortunately it’s an insanely stupid post with absolutely nothing insightful, interesting or even logically accurate to say…

This paragraph is excellent and spot on:

To me, that’s the most offensive thing about him. He practices the laziest form partisan journalism — if Obama does it, it must be bad. Case in point — early in Pres. Obama’s term, he went to a burger place with the media in tow. The outing elicited the sort of embarrassing-in-retrospect media fawning that was typical of the early Obama presidency, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for a president still in his honeymoon phase.

Yes! Great! More of that! oh…Unfortunately it comes AFTER this selection, which is stupid, meritless, and is rotten with the political hackery it’s accusing of.

Hannity’s welcoming cocoon even extends to fake-conservative Mitt Romney. If you listen to Sean on a regular basis, you can tell that he’s suspicious of Mitt—rightfully so, because now that Romney has sewn up the nomination, he’s going to attempt to pivot away from conservatives so fast and hard that Ronald Reagan’s tombstone is probably going to crack in half. But Hannity can read the writing on the wall, so he invites him on the show and makes nice with him.

In the clip above—taken from the same interview I published earlier this week, in which Romney rhapsodized about his Austrian Warmbloods and Missouri Foxtrotters—Romney and Hannity talk about how important it is for politicians to use teleprompters while they attack Obama for using a teleprompter. “It does make some sense,” Romney says. “It keeps you from saying something you don’t mean, you get the message out.”

“Yeah, of course it does,” Hannity concurs. “It’s smart. You don’t want to make a mistake. I’ll tell you, they’re out to eviscerate anybody who makes a mistake.”

Contrast that with just one of the innumerable (202 at least, according to Nexis), prompter potshots Hannity has taken at Obama: “I think he’s got a teleprompter on each side of the bed when he goes to sleep every night. I think most Americans have figured out that you take away that teleprompter, he’s in trouble. as evidenced by earlier today. Let’s roll this tape.”

The ongoing right-wing obsession with Obama’s teleprompter remains a mystery to me. He doesn’t use one any more often than any of his predecessors, or any more often than the men who want to replace him. Yet it’s always “har har har he has to write down his words before he says them” and so on. Yet Hannity advises Romney to use one lest his enemies find an error to exploit.

If you don’t notice that Barack Obama uses a teleprompter a shit ton more than other public figures, you’re not paying attention.

If you don’t find that funny, especially considering that President Obama is regarded as a grand public speaker (accounting for his presidency – as Hillary Clinton noted during the 2007 primary), then you’re a hack.

If you say that anyone is claiming that the issue is over any use of a teleprompter, then you’re either an idiot or dishonest.

Fail, Fail, Fail. too bad. could have been an interesting thing with this Mole business.