Dress that goes clear when the girl wearing it is into you

This is of course, really stupid, but it’s a fun kind of stupid. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde (damn those Dutch double “A”s for being so badass) has made a dress he called the Intimacy 2.0 that turns transparent when the wearers heartbeat increases.

I don’t know how Roosegaarde imagines this being used in the real world, but I think of it as a challenge to undress a girl by talking to her. She’s wearing a giant mood ring that lets you see her boobs if you make a good first impression. Win. Roosegaarde doesnt say anything nearly as interesting about the project though. He just says stuff like how it is “exploring the relation between intimacy and technology.” – yawn.

The dress responds when the person under it gets excited or embarrassed. A jackpot for men like me but – Of course – chicks rely on you not knowing what theyre thinking for use as leverage and manipulation, thus this would have no use for them beyond the novelty of women who want their men to know when theyre hot for them (or the 21 yr old barista who just winked at her as he handed over that mocha frap like a boss).

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