Drudge covers Santorums Southern Wins

Alabama, Mississippi & Hawaii voted in the 2012 GOP Primary today. Santorum won both southern states. Hawaii is still counting but Romney is favored to win there. Newt at least got a second place down south, finally and is staying in the race because he said he was going to stay in it all the way to the convention and aside from campaign pledges to not go negative and marital vows – dude is a man of his word.

Drudge had some fun with Santorum. Early in the night:

After both his wins, the picture and link changed to another suggestive headline, +one invisible dick in hand that his wife thinks is funny:

UPDATE: Romney takes Hawaii & American Samoa. Romney wins the day with the most delegate increase.

Santorum won’t be the nominee but this poinant comment on Facebook reiterates why people thinking he should be are nuts & a half:

WHY do a growing number in the Republican Party support this bigoted loser [a record-setting EIGHTEEN POINT loss in his unsuccessful PA Senatorial re-election campaign]? Sorry, incumbents [regardless of the political landscape] DON’T LOSE by 18-points!
Santorum was educated as a Lawyer, yet he never privately practiced – instead, opting for a public paycheck—a status that has remained for most of his career. He has NO business or private entrepreneurial experience. Six months ago, he was a 2-percent candidate – then, he played to the less-educated in the political “cheap seats” to get to a point where he is besting Romney [in mostly rural underclass areas].
If he is the 2012 nominee, he will usurp the loss of Mondale in 1984, and ensure a second more-disastrous Obama term in office.
Are “Republicans” losing their minds?