Crazy Celebrity Prenups

Justin Timberlake and Lamar Odom reportedly have to “pay if they stray” and Katie Holmes’ prenup supposedly gets her $3 million per year of marriage after a divorce up until 11 years when the new rule is half of Tom Cruises Everything.

The weirdest one: Khloe Kardashian would get 2 season courtside Lakers tickets if her and Odom divorce. I’m told Odom plays for that team, so that means she would be taking a date to her ex-husbands games with good seating right near the hockey rink or whatever (Lakes to hockey – that’s a reasonable connection, right?).

The most awesome one: Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson aren’t together anymore but when they were and there was proposal buzz, the rumor was that Romo wanted a clause stipulating that if Simpson gained weight above 135 pounds, she’d pay him $500,000.

Via my friend Meghan:

She was already above 135 when she was with him! I hate how much girls lie about their weight. Especially when it’s celebrities. Because it makes normal girls feel fatter. Like Jennifer Hudson saying she was a 2 (or actually I think it was a 4)? More like an 8… nevertheless, she looked great! But when I was 95 lbs. I could fit into a 2 in some clothes! And she definitely was (is) NOT 1 size bigger than me!

Tom Cruise has Katie Holmes so messed up with Scientology now that I’m sure she wouldn’t dare leave. I don’t know how Justin Timberlake is going to stay faithful, lol. (Well, he won’t. He’ll just be sneaky enough and even if he isn’t, Jessica Biel will take him back since she has no backbone.)

and MissAshleyPants adds to that: Sleazy guy reply to Megz: “I’d like to give *Biel* a good backboning!”