Casey Anthony Verdict Reaction

If I ever get really pissed off at my mom, I’m gonna kill myself and then duct tape my mouth and transport my body so it looks like she did it. Way to go Caylee! you totally Punk’d yo momma.

what if the person who killed Nichole Brown Simpson, JonBenet Ramsey and Caylee Anthony was all the same guy. and it was Andy Kaufman?

Think before you judge… LET HE who has never found a family member unexplainably drowned, put duct tape over their mouth, transported and hid the body and then lied about it to the police CAST HE FIRST STONE…

Instead of going to real news sources, I’ll share the best of my Facebook feed:

Hope she’ll make enough money from her book/movie/interview deals to get plastic surgery to completely change her face. She’s gonna need it. -Tracie Lynn Rainwater

Casey Anthony is to receive an honorary MD and medal from NOW for the first successfully executed extreme late term abortion… Meanwhile, children all over Florida are miraculously acting like little angels today. -Chris Loesch

Shit! -Michael Buckley 

should we even call it the justice system anymore? -Kari Lyn

Casey Anthony and O.J. should share a cell. -Amanda Jordan Harris

Via Twitter: @EliBraden ME TOO!! ITS LIKE WHEN YOUR DAD HELPED GET O.J. OFF!! RT @KimKardashian: WHAT!!??!! CASEY ANTHONY NOT GUILTY!!!! I’m speechless!!! 

The court system didn’t fail today, the jury didn’t fail today. The prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony murdered her child. This is how our court systems work. It isn’t ‘what happened’, but what you can prove happened. Casey Anthony is a convicted liar and she has four charges of ‘misleading law enforcement’ to prove it. -Nick Lashbrook

brb guys. i’m off to go be the next Tot Dad for three years and lie my way back to freedom! wish me luck! #ihatecaseyanthony -Greg Breeden

casey anthony shows what I learned in my divorce. Woman can lie, steal, cheat and murder and get away with it all day long on this planet. -Matthew Callahan

Guilty people lie~she was charged with more than one count of “lying” to the police and withholding evidence~but I guess aside from torture to get her to talk there isn’t much more we can do; I say water board the bitch~Too bad she can admit it now and just walk away; double jeopardy~?~She walks and no one will ever know until someone else comes out with it. -Danielle Dressell

Damn, glad I didn’t get my law degree, with the number of self-proclaimed lawyers on facebook alone I don’t think I’d ever find a job -Rylan Maddox

argh.. opinion… argh… casey anthony.. argh argh… something something… argh… exclamation point, exclamation point.. argh. burp. -Kat Ballard

Casey Anthony is living the AMERICAN DREAM!!!!! Shook herself loose of all her responsibilities like they were fleas, and will now get to sell that horrific story for millions! God Bless America!!! -Michelle Phillips

God bless Caylee. Casey Anthony, hell awaits. Nobody puts duct tape on their daughter’s mouth after she has “accidentally” drowned in the pool. Nobody in their right damned mind hides the fact that her daughter has died if it was an “accident.” This judicial system is just sick. I am disgusted beyond belief. -Chelsea Reneé Gregg