Breast feeding snobs mock breast pumps for some reason

The anti-Formula Fascists & Bottle Bolsheviks just never quit in their crusade to make mothers feel like garbage for making inconsequential but different choices in the raising of their babies than them. Take this image:

I dont understand why women feel such a need to be so bossy on this issue. Maybe you prefer a pump. so use it. why do breast feeders think they need to crusade against people using alternate methods than their preferred one to feed their damn baby? straight from the tit, pumped to a bottle, synthetic formula – who the hell cares? the claims over each ones superiority are so overblown and inaccurately stated that its ridiculous. Dont new moms have enough stress to worry about? I see no need for anyone harassing them or delivering a guilt trip over which perfectly acceptable method they use to nourish their child.