Bob Beckel drops F bomb on Fox News. I blame Sean Hannity

Republicans are gonna be annoyed with me that a liberal Democrat analyst was caught yelling “you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about” on live TV and I’m blaming Sean Hannity for it, but hear me out…

Watch the video and I’ll explain…

Hannity didn’t intro the return to broadcasting the way a host normally does (and Beckel was right to point that out), so even though Beckel was reacting emotionally and foolishly – he deserves an apology from Hannity for not being properly warned. Beckel is consistently a hothead and blustery blob, so dont hire him or have him on your show if you dont want that. If you DO want that, then its not fair play to slip back into commercial when you see an argument like that unfolding and you should take responsibility for the bad call.

The other thing that really annoys me is that Beckel was also the only left-of-center dude on the panel, which is typical of the Hannity show. Hannity is a Republican hack that never criticizes the right-wing, ever and his panel for that segment was Libertarian radio show host Neal Boortz and that Republican woman who was arguing with Beckel about the Head Start program. Hannity is the only place on Fox News that actually does what everyone who hates Fox News and doesn’t watch it THINKS the channel does. O’Reilly is a non-partisan traditionalist populist and doesn’t stack the deck like that. In fact, when it’s stacked, it’s almost always against him – with 2 guests he disagree’s with. WTF is Hannity’s problem that he always has to go up 3 against one like that? No wonder Beckel was angry. He was getting gang banged all evening.

I want a world where people constantly have to fear that someone will call them on their bullshit and that if they are unjustifiably mean, irresponsible witha accusations, dishonest or cruel to others – they will suffer reputation destroying return-fire – HOWEVER, I also want to live in a world where people play fair and don’t use someones weaknesses as a means to humiliate them. If Beckel does this all the time, then call him out on it all the time – Don’t call him your friend and then throw him under the bus like that. God damn that pisses me off.

A real host would have given a loud and clear “ON IN 5! STFU” and pointed out the return from break when he hears his guests bickering that close to going Live. Hannity’s excuse that he thought Beckel saw the Producer giving the 3-2-1-GO signs is bullshit. Hannity wanted to have some of the argument spill over to on-air – which I agree is entertaining and is a fine gamble, but he lost that gamble this time when the profanity was uttered and it was at Beckels expense so Hannity should have apologized for it – not tried to weasel his way out of it and NOT get Beckel to apologize.

The correct handling of that situation was to first tell your co-worker that they’ve returned to broadcasting and that that word made it to air and then turn toward the camera, take responsibility for what happens on your show and apologize for the lapse in your host duties and move on. Instead Hannity dwelled on it, letting Beckel squirm as he tried to figure out what was going on and if they were really on live television or not.

I hate everything about this. I hate dirty tricks. I hate an unfair fight. and I hate hate HATE more than anything, an unwarranted public humiliation. The worst non-violent thing you can do to a person is humiliate them. I don’t think that was Hannitys original intent by not telling him to pipe down before returning to the show, but he should have been groveling in his acceptance of guilt for the incident. YES, I understand that it’s every individuals responsibility to know whats up and pay attention themselves – or better yet – to not be an emotional dick and tell people they “don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about” as if that were an argument and not just a blustery bully tactic. But at the same time: how about a little looking out for your friends, asshole? Even when they’re being assholes. That’s what being a friend IS.

And then later in the show they only drove it home worse after a clearly shaken Beckel noted that he would probably get fired over the incident and Hannity douchily plays the motherly comforter – and then that Republican lady – omg – SO not the time to be kicking the guy while he’s down. YES, he got emotional and made it personal. If he did it while on air, knowingly, I’d be part of the rally bashing him for his shitty manners and conversation skills – but since it was a private outburst that accidentally got publicized – wheres the fkking loyalty to your co-worker of who-knows-how-many years?

Fox News is a cable channel and can thus say whatever words they want, so luckily this isnt an FCC matter or anything, but that’s not the issue for me. I don’t give a fuck about the word “fuck”. I’m livid that Hannity:
1) put his friend in an unfair situation for his own selfish gain,
2) helped foster an event that embarrassed his friend,
3) did not at all help his friend out of the embarrassing situation,
4) immediately passed the buck to said friend, assigning him 100% responsibility for something he actually was only 60% responsible for,
5) milked the situation to make HIM the hero who is going to smooth things over for him in classic “i guess you owe me now, bitch” mode.

Screw that.

Sean Hannity is a shitty friend.

I hate those.