Ann Coulter’s “Muffins”

What is Ann Coulter saying here that the Producers of the Fox News show Red Eye thought they needed to bleep out with the word “muffin”? Blowjob? Handjob? Cleveland Steamer? Tokyo Sandblaster? what?

Looking for answers I found that Coulter mentioned this on her website:

The link goes to this page which offers the following summary of the segment, but no insight to the mystery word:

Each of Gutfeld’s “Red Eye” panelists also added their thoughts on potential hate crimes charges. Actor and comedian Michael McDonald, formerly of “MADtv” fame, likened this horrific scene to a game of “politically correct poker.”

“To me, I don’t know – regarding the whole hate crime thing, I sort of think it is good intentions with horrible results, yet again,” he said. “And to me making things a hate crime – it’s a little bit like playing a game of politically correct poker where like, ‘I see your two disadvantaged black girls and I give a transgender girl.’”

Nick Gillespie, editor of and worried the precedent set by hate crime laws erodes at the privacy of individuals.

“First off, I do think that this is the type of thing we expected from an Arby’s or a Hardees crowd – not a McDonald’s,” Gillespie said. “And also I’m sure the girls worked off the total calories of that meal. But yeah, hate crime legislation is bad because we don’t need to give cops or law enforcement more reason to pry into people’s minds and to screw with people. I mean, you see it out there. You know, they should be arrested and tried for beating somebody senseless and let it go with that.”

Finally, conservative pundit and author of the forthcoming book “Demonic: How the Lib Mob is Endangering America,” Ann Coulter had the most succinct one-liner of the segment.

“No, the beating was one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen,” Coulter said. “It’s the most disturbing on-air performance by a black woman since ‘Precious.’”

She added that the way things have progressed, we are emerged in a society where if you have victim status, you have clout and power.