Andrew Breitbart dead at 43

Shocked to see this headline as I flipped open my laptop in bed this morning…

Most know Andrew Breitbart as the outspoken political activist and most news media are saying as much as well, but he was a true new-media pioneer and innovator. He ran the Drudge Report as the only other editor besides founder Matt Drudge for years. He created the Huffington Post for Arianna Huffington. Finally, after those major successes he built his own empire with his own name with the Breitbart network of websites.

I’m seeing a lot of “glad he’s finally gone” posts on forums, blogs, twitter and tumblr and they don’t speak well for their authors. Not because it’s always in bad taste to speak ill of the dead or even be glad someone is dead. Take taste out of the picture. I’m not Miss Manners. I’m Mr Logic. and this hate-emoting has no basis beyond childish small mindedness. If you just disagreed with Andrews politics and thus are glad that there is one less vocal rabble rouser for them, then fine. But the dozens of posts out there claiming what a hater he was are foolish smears. I don’t have close connections that knew him but I have friends of friends who knew and interacted with him personally and they all match exactly what I’m hearing everyone else who knew him personally say about him: He was a happy warrior. He didn’t hate liberals. The only thing he “hated” was hate and intolerance. I don’t care who hates whom, but to lie to yourself and others in order to justify your hate for someone is unacceptable.

(Greg Gutfeld and The Five eulogize Breitbart)

The other trope floating around is that the bashing is free range because Breitbart said unkind things about Ted Kennedy after his death. I have no idea what Breitbarts policy of speaking ill of the dead was but I suspect he didn’t much care, so it seems to me that there are probably accurate parallel examples to make and this stupid one is an unnecessary way to embarrass oneself. HINT: Try coming up with an example where Breitbart said something negative after the death of someone who DIDN’T kill a woman and successfully get away with it.

Andrew Breitbart had fun with passionate activism and investigative reporting but in his core he was a Social media entrepreneur. theres so much more to him than “the guy with the crazy hair that liked to annoy hippies” and the world is less well off without him in it.

UPDATE: I just remembered that this documentary just finished filming several weeks ago… will obviously have special significance now.

Here is a recent appearance Breitbart had with Adam Carolla: