All the great things that Obama has done

One of the things I’m not looking forward to in the 2012 election is what will be the list of accomplishments that President Obama has achieved, that he actually hasn’t… His record isn’t the worst in history or anything, but he’s got a list of screw-ups that aren’t balanced by huge accomplishments, so the campaign will of course be puffing up the latter, big time, which is annoying.

I dont mind disagreements on opinions, even when they’re really silly but I cant STAND “disagreements” on known facts that aren’t subject to debate (they either are or they aren’t. after knowing which is which, THEN you form your opinion…unless you’re a moron).

I had a news-example in mind for this post, but instead, I might as well take up this Facebook thread that is going on literally right now as I type this. One of my friends posted a picture of a doc peering into a vagina and diagnosing that the problem is that there are Republicans in there.

I genuinely didn’t get it and still don’t, so I left a comment wondering how lower taxes or smaller government would fuck up any of the daily fare in a vagina. I got this response:

Think of it like this Richard, Obama is about to have four more years to fix all these appalling things he’s done such as announcing unequivocal end to torture, ordering the closing of Guantanamo and the closing of secret prisons, improving relations with Iran, improving U.S. policy on climate change, setting a timetable for exiting Iraq, improving relations with Russia, making the rights of women around the world a core component of U.S. foreign policy, improving relations with the Islamic world, and making progress towards greater cooperation on limiting nuclear proliferation.

Awkward… and I genuinely wasn’t positive as to whether he actually believes that or not so I gently pointed out the 100% Fail level of the contents of that list…

I cant tell if you’re using satire to illustrate what a failure Obama has been or if you’re being serious and are actually ignorant that literally none of the things you’ve listed either got done or were Obama policies (he’s following Bush’s timetable for Iraq withdrawal up to the exact day, for instance). The former is amusing. the latter is sad.

Turns out that, yes, he was serious, and no, is not exactly what one would call a big thinker on the issues at hand…

Former President Bush of course would in no way be a failure. Right? I know he’s without doubt the greatest President of my lifetime. Thank you for lesson on politics Richard. Whatever would I do without you? ;-)

You’d probably continue thinking there has been any order to end Guantanamo (there hasnt) or other secret prisons (new ones have arisen) or any of the other “opposite-from-reality” things you listed, I guess. No worries. I’m happy to help, although a base-level knowledge of whats going on in the world concerning the guy whose [non]accomplishments you tout would make my job in helping you a lot easier. You’d also understand things more clearly if you didnt make such weird connections like “Person A sucks. therefore Person B is AWESOME”.

It’s only a matter of “when he reads it” till i get deleted by this guy. I know because factless sarcasm (the thicker, the more telling) based on a logical fallacy is the argument equivalent to when a guy shooting at someone in a movie runs out of bullets, looks at the gun in frustration and then throws the gun before running away.

If i’m wrong in my prediction however and this gentleman turns out to be more open-minded than his comments suggest and he is actually more than willing to accept new information he wasn’t privy to and go on to ingest what he’s learned and continue rationally and maturely, I’ll of course update this post to note that I was wrong.

UPDATE: The popup on my phone informed me that he deleted me at 2:41 PM. Just seconds after reading my reply. lol.

I’m just about to have a late lunch as it is, so at least it was nice of him to serve up this snack of delicious irony:

UPDATE: No longer being on his friends list, I can’t see these things anymore and don’t care to (I’ve made my point. dont need to attack the person ad-hominemly or keep gloating over the exchange or anything), but a mutual friend is the one who keeps sending me these and dammit if the irony isn’t too amusing enough to where i’d feel guilty if I didn’t post them, so here’s one more…